The first Blog(finally)

I was doing my once-in-a-blue-moon check on my website when I happened to notice several of you have subscribed to this blog. "Huh," I thought, "maybe I should actually be writing something here from time to time". I've never been one to spend a lot of time on social websites and thus am not predisposed to updating things on a regular basis. I suppose that probably needs to change if I want to claim a blog or any such thing. Regrettably, I don't have time to get into something "deep" so I'll stick with more of a status update.  

As you can see, I currently have three songs on the site that are a part of an instrumental album I plan on releasing in the near future.  I have not neglected this album per se but progress has been slow of late.  Part of this is due to the album I'm working on for my wife.  I'll be putting a link to her site on the page that directs here.  I did some level of orchestral production on many of her tracks and, of course, all the mixing, mastering, etc.  She is an extraordinarily talented woman and I do my best to help her projects shine.  Originally, her project was commisioned to help a charity group called "Grace Haven Ministries."  They help families that adopt from overseas and they do a lot of great work.  Anyway, that album is about to be released to a wider audience and so I have a little bit of time involved to see that finished.

Another mini-project I'm doing is to write a intro theme for a podcast that I will announce soon.  I'm excited about this one as well because its of more of an epic nature and I plan on having some fun with it.  More details as I approach a completion on that.  

Finally, I'm tossing around the idea of doing a kickstarter for the instrumental project to help with some of the costs involved.  I would, of course, offer free CDs to those who contribute a minimum but it's just an idea for now.  Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.