New Tracks Added!


It's been a while but I've got three new additions to the "City of Dreams" Tracklist.  Check it out on the "City of Dreams EP" page and be sure to let me know what you think by leaving a comment.  




Announcing new single "Armies of Ages"



Two Tracks Added to!                                                                                               1/2/2014

City of Dreams 2 copy.jpg

      Two tracks from City of Dreams EP have been added to playlist!  Be sure to tune in to their online station and rate/comment the tracks if you get the chance.  (I don't know when the upload will take effect, so if you can't find me or my album on the site yet, please check back in a couple of days to rate it)













I just recently finished a new track called Armies of Ages which I produced for a podcast called Message to Kings by Brett Heaston.  The podcast is both a spiritual and historical look at the bible with an emphases on world cultures and other historically significant world events.  It's a fascinating podcast and I highly recommend it.  I drew on Brett's obvious passion for history and storytelling particularly when it pertains to historical battles as inspiration for this piece.  You'll hear a full orchestral production and a special appearance by several "shofars", a traditional Hebrew instrument.   I had a lot of fun with this piece and I hope you enjoy it. (photo credit: Steven Damron)